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tranquility calming candle

tranquility calming candle

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floral blossom candle

create your own spa feels with the enchanting aromas of our luxurious tranquility candle, delicately crafted with the ancient secrets of gentle peony, oriental jasmine, and classic white musk.

these feminine scents symbolise prosperity, beauty, and spiritual enlightenment, drawing upon centuries of cultural significance and historical allure.

with a gorgeous scent throw, this candle is perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere, moments of relaxation, meditation, or during intimate gatherings. our calming candle transports you to a world of enchantment and tranquility.

unwind, breathe deeply and let these aromas guide you on a journey to inner peace.

scent: vintage blossom

notes: gentle peony, oriental jasmine and classic white musk

size: 300g

burn time: 30+ hours

ancient secret: revered as symbols of prosperity and beauty, peony and jasmine have been cherished for centuries in chinese and persian cultures, while white musk's exotic aroma has captivated civilizations since ancient egypt. together, these fragrances evoke feelings of romance, sensuality, and spiritual enlightenment, transporting you to a world of timeless elegance and enchantment.

how to use to:

-trim wick before use

-place this candle into your favourite spot and enjoy endless scents

refill guidance: place the candle into the freezer, clean out any excess wax & reuse

  • natural oils
  • vegan friendly
  • guaranteed yin
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Birthday gift

Such a beautiful gift for my friends birthday I know she will love it