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inspired by the principles of yin and yang in traditional chinese medicine, better known as TCM, we have curated a collection of aromas to help you restore balance in your busy life. just as yin energy represents calmness, introspection, and receptivity, our scents have been specially selected to create an oasis of calm amid the chaos. we aren't just a fragrance brand, we're a gateway to discovering the profound benefits of yin energy, guiding you towards a brighter mood and heightened well-being.

when used mindfully and with intention, aromatherapy can be a valuable tool for those seeking to enhance their yin energy.

it provides a gentle and holistic approach to achieving emotional balance, relaxation, and inner harmony, all of which are central to the concept of yin energy. these amazing aromas will work wonders for your mood, helping you to feel happy, relaxed, and more in tune with nature.

use them at home, work, during your practice OR as part of your self-care routine and ease into your feminine essence, with the transformative power of our yin energy-enhancing aromas. 

you can read more about us over at our blog, or connect with us on socials @officialuyinu.

however you do, let's cultivate calm together x 

p.s. sustainability is important to us - our packaging fillers are biodegradable and we encourage you to reuse your bottles, candle vessels & tins.

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    our mission is simple

    "to provide handcrafted, high-quality, natural fragrances with a purpose, that help you to connect with your inner-self and cultivate a sense of calm and balance."

    cultivating calm is important for your well-being and longevity; that's why we are here to educate you on ways to harness the power of yin energy, with our special fragrances.

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    and so is our purpose

    we believe that the power of yin energy can have a transformative impact on one's life, whether it's through calming activities like walking, yoga and mediation, or just taking time out to relax.

    we take pride in being a trusted brand that empowers individuals to embrace the power of yin energy and enhance their self-care.

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    eco-friendly solutions

    our natural ingredients are carefully selected and blended to create scents that are not only luxurious but also gentle.

    and that's not all - our products are not only good for you, but also good for the planet! we've partnered with One Tree Planted to allow you the chance to plant tree's, with each purchase that's placed through our website.