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rejuvenation space spray

rejuvenation space spray

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rejuvenation space spray

our natural paraben-free essential oil ultra-fine room spray embodies a holistic approach to wellness, integrating the calming, purifying, and revitalising aspects of botanicals to create a harmonious blend that nurtures the body, soothes the soul, and uplifts the spirit.

this invigorating fusion forms a sacred synergy, balancing body, mind, and spirit - making it perfect to use as a yoga mat mist.

from ancient rituals to modern-day wellness practices, this mood-boosting aromatic blend embodies centuries of wisdom, promoting relaxation, clarity, and rejuvenation.

scent: lavender, chamomile, white sage & mandarin

size: 250ml

ancient secrets: this blend intertwines the wisdom of ages past with the healing essence of nature's bounty. restful lavender, cherished since ancient times for its calming influence, joins forces with soothing chamomile, renowned for its gentle touch and tranquil spirit. smudging white sage, revered by indigenous cultures for its purifying energy, blends seamlessly with stimulating mandarin, symbolizing vitality and joy.

free 5ml sample with every full-size space spray order.

how to use: 

- use 2-3 pumps around your home or office for an air freshener

- spray 3-4 pumps on your yoga mat or reformer for endless invigoration throughout your practice

- spray 5-6 your studio before practice for the ultimate boost

safety: for use on your yoga mat or within your space.

  • natural oils
  • vegan friendly
  • guaranteed yin
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Customer Reviews

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Loooooooove!! ❤️

Quite the energy booster so perfect addition to my routine. A few sprays is all you need . Feel like it wakes me up!