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rejuvenation calming candle

rejuvenation calming candle

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woodland pine candle

hand-poured with care, this exquisite candle combines the pure essence of pine, the grounding aroma of bark, and the invigorating scent of lemon to transport you to a calming forest sanctuary.

whether you're seeking stress relief, a mood boost, or a new way to find balance, our earthy natural candles are designed to enhance your well-being by promoting yin energy, fostering relaxation and a connection to nature. 

designed to provide moments of rejuvenation, our candle is the perfect companion for your self-care rituals, meditation practices, or simply unwinding after a long day. with a clean and even burn, it releases its calming aromas consistently, creating a haven of relaxation in any space.

scent: woodland pine

notes: soft pine, clean bark and hints of zesty lemon

size: 300g

burn time: 30+ hours

ancient secret: together, the harmonious blend of cleansing pine, healing bark, and uplifting lemon in our woodland pine scented candle encapsulates the ancient wisdom of forest-based healing practices. unwind, recharge, and let our calming candle accompany you on a journey to renewed vitality and blissful rejuvenation.

how to use to:

-trim wick before use

-place this candle into your favourite spot and enjoy endless scents

refill guidance: place the candle into the freezer, clean out any excess wax & reuse

  • natural oils
  • vegan friendly
  • guaranteed yin
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Customer Reviews

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Sarah C
Nice strong candle

I ordered this as a moving in present and the recipient liked it. It's one of those candles that you can smell quite strongly before you light it which is always nice. Going to try the white one for myself next.