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ultimate rejuvenation set

ultimate rejuvenation set

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every scent you need, all packaged together! our zesty scents offer a natural and effective way to rejuvenate the body and mind, providing a burst of energy, clarity, and positivity whenever you need it most.

say hello to mental clarity, natural anti-depressants and immune support with our uplifting aromas.

experience the power of aromatherapy as you unwind and release tension. whether you're seeking a moment of relaxation after a long day or looking to enhance your meditation practice, our rejuvenation aromatherapy set is the perfect companion. 

our rejuvenation set is crafted to be a holistic experience, inviting you to immerse yourself in the therapeutic power of aromas, de-stress, and foster a deeper connection with your yin energy. it's not just a set of essential oils; it's a journey towards balance, relaxation and self-discovery.

this beautiful set is the perfect gift for a friend or family member, or just to treat yourself!

scents: woodland pine, lemon & orange, lavender, chamomile, sage & mandarin, cherry blossom 

notes: natural zesty botanicals!

size: calming candle 300g (3 hour burn time), relaxing reed 200ml, space spray 250ml, beneficial balm 15g, oasis oil 10ml, yin pod 20ml

plus, you'll receive 1 pack of our free kindling supplies & a 5ml space spray tester

ancient secret: from the majestic serenity of woodland pine to the vibrant zest of lemon and orange, each aroma carries a story woven into the fabric of history. lavender and chamomile cradle the senses in their soothing embrace, while sage purifies the spirit and mandarin revitalises the soul. amidst this olfactory symphony, cherry blossom whispers of fleeting beauty and the eternal dance of renewal. may chang is commonly used to promote mental clarity, reduce stress and anxiety, and uplift the mood.

together, these botanical marvels offer not just remedies but gateways to deeper connection, inviting us to rediscover harmony with nature and the profound wisdom it holds.

how to use to:

-place these products in your favourite spots and enjoy endless yin relaxation

refill guidance: all of these products can be cleaned & re-used

  • natural oils
  • vegan friendly
  • guaranteed yin
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Customer Reviews

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Carlos M.
Cool find

Came across this company online as I was looking for waterless diffusers and thought hell why not just try everything and treat myself! Blown away by how cool the diffuser is and the scents are so good!!!! What a lucky find. Really nice scents and it's something different. Highly recommend